How to paint Minotaurs Part 1 – Asterion Moloc

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Well, I just finished painting and basing my Asterion Moloc model, and thought I would first share some photos of him, and then provide a tutorial on how I painted him!

Asterion Moloc Shield Asterion Moloc Back

So here is my step by step guide on how to paint Asterion Moloc of the Minotaurs!

Paint Used:
Abaddon Black
Hashut Copper
Blood Red
Warpstone Glow
Runefang Steel
White Scar
Nuln Oil
Vermin Brown

Step One:
First step was Simply under coating Asterion in black

Step Two:
As lightly as possible, I covered all metal parts with Hashut Copper, not being too careful at this stage

Step Three:
I then painted all the red parts in Blood Red, which is the cloak, the Minotaur heads on shield, leg, shoulder, and Black Spear, his loincloth and his plume.

Step Four:
Here I painted all the white bits (White Scar), so the “feathery” parts on shoulder and shield, and his plume (forgot the seal on the leg, but did that later)

Step Five:
Next up was the few green bits with Warpstone Glow, so the wreath on the shield, and the small badge on his chest, Whites on shield and shoulder were washed in Nuln Oin.

Step Six:
Nuln Oil (wash cheat) time! Coated all the rest of the parts that needed to be brought out and touched up areas that required it, especially the greens whites and reds, and the details that required it on the Hashut Copper, so that it kept its shine in the middle, gave it a used dirty look, and the details are emphasized.

Step Seven:
Abaddon Black on the parts that required it, including the Black Spear, which the tip was done in a way that some of the Bronze can still be seen underneath, though the staff is all black. Also the legs and shield parts were painted black.

Step Eight:
I added Runefang Steel to the Crux Terminatus on his shoulder, shield and the skull on his leg.
The whole model was further Nuln Oiled to bring it all together, and final touch ups of the previous steps was done to make it all neat. Then I just based him in my normal way of adding sand and nuln oiling it before it dries. Then I add Army Painter static tuft. I painted the debris he is standing on with Leadbelcher and Vermin Brown, nuln oiled it, and then dry brushed over it again.



Asterion Moloc ShieldAsterion Moloc Back20150315_193755

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial, and if you have any questions, please feel free to drop me a line!