Codex Star Wars Downloads

Wow just had to share this!

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Okay, enough already – an awful lot of you want PDFs of the Star Wars Codexes we did for Warhammer 40,000!


After digging my inbox out of the deluge of emails asking for copies, I finally came to the conclusion that it was just possible that other gamers might want to have a play themselves. Always happy to oblige.


You can now download Codex: Rebel Alliance here.

And you can download Codex: Galactic Empire here.

Hope you all enjoy them!

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Spartan Assault Tank!

Minotaurs Banner
Yes it has happened! A whole $230 AUS has been spent on a Spartan Assault Tank which is current awaiting packaging! (Unfortunately it wasn’t shipped before the weekend!) Just thought I would post this quick update. My next post will more than likely be showing off my completed gaming table, followed by an unboxing post of the Spartan Assault Tank.

Minotaurs – More future plans!

Minotaurs banner
With Asterion Moloc in the mail, and my terminators decided upon, I have now looked to the rest of my armies future.
In this future I see the terminators and Lord Moloc riding in their Spartan Assault Tank. This thing is like a Land Raider on drugs, about another 1/3 of the size, with Armoured Ceramite and Power of the Machine Spirit, and 25 man transport capacity, it makes up for all the things a normal Land Raider lacks.

I also see two tactical sqauds, one of their Sergeants is already named in memory for a man who took his own life, Sergeant Ro Menelaus, 2nd Company. I am still not sure which models I will use for these guys, whether Forgeworld mark IV or just normal GW marines with FW shoulderpads I am not sure of. If you have a good idea, feel free to leave me a comment!

Welcome to Chapter Master!

Hey there, I’m Chapter Master! The aim of this blog is to keep track of my 40k army progress. If you take interest along the way, all the better.

My current projects are my beloved Nurgle Chaos Space Marines, currently sitting at 3000 points, and a Minotaurs chapter of Space Marines that I am just starting (only have an Ironclad Dreadnought and a drop pod for it so far).

Soon I will be posting up all of my Nurgle army going through slots (HQ, elites etc.) Before starting my Minotaur army posts.