Unboxing Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi of the Minotaurs

Minotaurs Banner
Well Forge World’s shipping time to Australia is amazing, arriving in a week (record time from them so far is 4 days!). I took photos of each of the contents of Asterion and Ivanus for anyone that is interested!

Standard  FW clamshell
20150313_135503 20150313_135519


Asterion Moloc:

Torso, Head and Legs
Fantastic detail on his torso and legs, and his head is just too cool! There is some really nice detail on his back, which appears will be covered up by his cloak which is a little strange, but not complaining.

The “Black Spear”
Again great detail, isn’t bent at all which has happened in the past with previous FW models, and just amazing looking in general.

Right Arm #1 + Rubble
I say right arm #1, as for some reason there are two in there, one on a different sprue as I will show later.
The arm, notably the shoulder pad is incredible, loving that Minotaurs symbol. Also the rubble that his foot goes on looks quite nice, though I will have to look at what I am putting on the rest of the base now!

Right Arm #2 + Shield
Here is the second right arm, which looks pretty much identical to the first one.
This shield, just wow! I wish FW sold them separately in packs of 5, for the rest of my future terminators!

Fairly standard, this is where the artists ability comes in to account. Will look at decals and maybe etched brass to bring this out.

Ivanus Enkomi

This head! The crest is greatly sculpted, as is the chaplain skull underneath, a very well “Spartanized” chaplain.

Torso + Legs
Great detail, will be a shame to paint this black due to being a chaplain, as he is so amazing! Might have to pick out some more of the details not in black.

Right arm + Rubble
Only one right arm for this guy, his rubble is also very nice looking.

Left Arm (Power Fist) + Staff of Crozius Arcanum
Cool looking Power Fist, uniquely on a chaplain, holding the Crozius Arcanum. Very nice!

Crozius Arcanum Symbol
A greatly detailed Minotaurs spin on the Crozius Arcanum Symbol!

Cloak with Backpack
Nice unique backpack, again the cloak is up to the artist to really bring out.
As you can take a jump pack with Ivanus, I will use magnets so this is interchangeable.

Not sure what this bit is meant to be, but it looks like some fancy machinery.

So with all that complete, the next thing for me to do is assemble this pair of beasts!